–      Each raft entry can qualify for awards from TWO  SPECIFIC categories.–      When submitting your entry, please let us know which TWO SPECIFIC categories you are eligible for.–      Please choose ONE category from LIST “A” and ONE category from LIST “B”.
Ref No Ref No
All male crew A 1 Club or pub entry B 1
All female crew A 2 Building trades entry B 2
Mixed male / female crew A 3 Financial or Insurance  business entry B 3
Rotary Club entry B 4
Business entry (If none of the above) B 5
Private entry B 6


–     All male crew — 1st & 2nd Places – Sponsored by Siltbuster Ltd Monmouth
–     All female crew — 1st & 2nd Places – Sponsored by Harrison Clark Rickerbys
–     Mixed male / female crew — 1st & 2nd Places
–     Best placed club / pub entry
–     Best placed building trades entry
–     Best placed financial or insurance business entry
–     Best Placed Rotary Club Team
–     Best placed business entry (A business not entered for any of above business awards)
–     Best placed private entry
–    The entry handing in most sponsorship on the day
–    Most creatively themed raft – Sponsored by Jolly Clothing, Monmouth