The Entry Conditions, Regulations, and Safety Advice are listed below. Please read, and accept, all 3 paragraphs.


By submitting an entry for the Raft Race, you are agreeing to accept the Regulations in paragraph 2/ below.  You understand this is a sponsored event and, in addition to the entry fee, you and your crew pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship of at least £125 per raft. · As the Crew Manager you will ensure that you and your crew supply their own life jackets, and release The Rotary Club of Monmouth, St David’s Hospice Care, their agents, officials and volunteers from any liability for any injury/loss caused through our participation in this event. · You and your team compete entirely at your own risk. · You and your team agree that you will seek medical advice from your general practitioners if in any doubt as to physical ability to participate in this event. · You and your team certify that you give full consent for any photographic/video materials held by The Rotary Club of Monmouth and St David’s Hospice Care, to be used by them, for all, and any, purposes connected with publication and commercialisation. · You and your team agree to read, and accept, the Regulations and River Safety advice displayed on the web page, http://www.monmouthraftrace.com


  1. All participants enter at their own risk and must be 16 years of age or older. No responsibility will be accepted by the organisers for loss or damage to persons or property, howsoever caused. Each participants will be expected to sign a disclaimer form before being allowed to start.
  2. All Participants must be able to swim, whilst clothed, in moving water.
  3. All rafts must pass scrutiny before the race, and must conform with the following:-
    1. Life Jackets to be worn by all team members.
    1. Raft numbers must be displayed on each side of the raft and be clearly visible from both riverbanks. Numbers must be at least 12 inches tall.
    1. No less than 4 and no more than 10 persons to each raft.
    1. No crew member to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    1. Raft to be less than 8 metres long.
    1. Raft to include a hitching point which is strong enough to allow the raft to be winched out of the river at the finish.
    1. No engines or row-locks.
    1. Rafts to be safely and securely constructed and are not permitted to be built of solid polystyrene.
    1. No water cannons or pumps. The use of water cannons or pumps is strictly prohibited on Health and Safety grounds and use of such may result in prosecution.
    1. Crews to have completed registration before entering the water.
  4. All rafts must attend the start point in an orderly fashion and all rafts must go into the river as directed by the stewards.
  5.  The throwing of any material is Strictly Forbidden, and if proven the offending team will be Disqualified For Future Years, with all rights forfeited. Offenders will also render themselves Liable To Prosecution under Water Authority Bylaws.
  6. All rafts must be removed from the river course and shore sites on the day of the race
  7. From 5.00 p.m. the organisers will start clearing the river. Any raft found after that time may be towed away, and the cost charged back to the entrant.
  8. Private Hospitality Sites are available at the finish and are only allowed with prior approval of the organisers. and at a charge of £100 per site. Please contact Raft Race Secretary David Forbes 01600 712665 to book.
  9. It is NOT permitted to set up barbeques in designated car parks or raft parking areas. A dedicated barbeque area will be available. Please contact Raft Race Secretary David Forbes 01600 712665 for details.
  10. Any complaints must be lodged at the Organiser’s tent near the finishing line at Whitebrook before 4.00 p.m. on the day of the race. In case of dispute, the Organisers decision is final.
  11. All traffic must follow Official Race Signs, which avoid the town centre of Monmouth.  Enter the start site via the Old Dixton Roundabout on the A40 and follow the directions of the stewards to Monmouth Rowing Club. All vehicles are to exit the site as directed by the event stewards.


  • You are reminded that the consumption of alcohol before or during the race is extremely dangerous. It increases the risk of accidents, hypothermia and possible drowning.
  • In previous years it has become customary for spectators to throw flour or eggs at Raft Race entrants as they pass under the bridges between the start and Redbrook. The organisers do all they can to minimise this but cannot prevent it completely. The organisers therefore advise that Raft Race crews should organise some protection. Either hard hats or a light weight canopy above the crew seats. Warning :- Rafts could become unstable with a risk of capsizing if fitted with a heavy canopy.
  • When the water is low in the river, its quality is believed to have caused diarrhoea and vomiting from time to time by involuntary ingestion of bacteria. DO take care therefore with your personal hygiene and DO please make use of the hand cleansing dispensers provided at all food and drink points!
  • As a consequence of the above point, as well as the safety of spectators on the bridges and riverbanks, anyone evading the pre-race scrutiny process and using water cannon may well be prosecuted by the Police who have demanded far greater rigour by the organisers in this respect.
  • Competitors are also reminded that any proven dangerous behaviour on their part may result in prosecution.
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