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We seek corporate sponsorship for the event, as a contribution to the organisational costs of running the event. This enables us to raise more funds for the 2022 principal beneficiary of the raft race, St David’s Hospice Care, and other charitable causes supported by Monmouth Rotary Club.

If your organisation would like to sponsor the event, please send an email to Rotarian Norman Williams at to discuss what we can offer in return.

SPONSORS already signed up for 2022 are below.


MANDARIN STONE are making a substantial contribution towards the organisational costs of running the raft race.


Siltbuster Ltd is sponsoring the award for the 1st and 2nd places in the All Male entry category.

Surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, Siltbuster HQ is proudly located just outside Monmouth.  The bespoke built facility was completed in 2017 and sits within 10 acres of land, purposely designed to perfectly incorporate and boost the company’s capabilities, future plans and to ensure a smooth and efficient operation throughout. Furthermore, it was also carefully developed with the environment, sustainability and core values in mind.

With over 20 years of expertise and experience, Siltbuster Ltd operates the UK’s largest rental fleet of water treatment equipment and solutions and is the number one choice for both short/long term hires and permanent installations. The company has set an unprecedented benchmark standard when it comes to water treatment solutions across numerous sectors: Construction, Industrial, Municipal, Mining, Bespoke and International.

On the international front, Siltbuster has to date successfully supplied their technology, products and solutions to over 40 countries worldwide.

HARRISON CLARK RICKERBYS solicitors, are sponsoring the award for the 1st and 2nd places in the All Female entry category

Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ Wye Valley team offers a wide range of services to support businesses and individual members of the public.

 For personal matters, we can advise you on family and divorce issues, buying or selling your home, making your will or handling trusts and estate planning. Our Wye Valley solicitors specialise in alternative dispute resolution and family mediation.

 For businesses, we can help and advise on a range of issues from contracts, agreements and company structures, your firm’s property and development needs, corporate law, employment, restructuring and insolvency and dispute resolution.

 We also provide expert advice from some of the region’s leading lawyers on advanced manufacturing, agriculture and rural affairs, defence and security, education, construction and engineering, health and social care and tax.

TRI-WALL MONMOUTH is sponsoring the awards for 1st and 2nd placed Mixed crews.

As a key employer within Monmouth, Tri-Wall UK is a proud sponsor of The Monmouth Raft Race.  Tri-Wall is best known for producing heavy duty corrugated packaging, as well as its expertise in Automotive, Aerospace and UN Dangerous Goods markets.

Tri-Wall UK’s primary factory and Head Office is in Monmouth, complete with heavy duty corrugator, converting and print facilities and UKAS accredited dangerous goods laboratory. Tri-Wall also has operations in Swansea, North Shields, Gateshead, Manchester and Wolverhampton. The Tri-Wall group operates from over 180 locations across Europe, America and Asia, supplying everything from conventional corrugated and timber to fabrics and steel.

Tri-Wall supplies a full range of packaging material options, including heavy-duty and conventional corrugated board, timber & ply, foams, steel & metals, and plastics. It’s this material advantage which allows Tri-Wall’s award winning design team to build smart packaging solutions starting with the best material for the job. This flexibility allows Tri-Wall to design solutions which can fully optimise manufacturing efficiencies and reduce shipping costs, either by reducing weight, creating operational efficiencies or simply maximising container usage.

With sustainability being such an important goal for every company right now, using the right material for the job isn’t simply a choice of which is cheapest, especially with new plastic taxes becoming law in April. Tri-Wall is dedicated to finding solutions which lower its customers overall carbon footprint, whether that be using returnable solutions, or replacing plastics with more sustainable solutions like its own manufactured corrugated board which is manufactured using papers sourced from FSC registered forestry’s and fully recyclable.

Tri-Wall’s design expertise allows it to continually innovate packaging solutions for new applications. Most recent of which is supplying heavy-duty corrugated packaging to transport a COVID19 vaccine in an effort to support the global vaccination roll-out. The completed pack provides a highly durable solution which keeps temperatures below -70*C in transit.

Initiated in 2018, Tri-Wall UK teamed up with Jaguar Land-Rover, 3M, UK HSE, Denchi, WMG, Potenza and Lifeline to form LIBRIS (Lithium-Ion Battery Research Into Safety), a Government funded research and development program for the safety of packaging, transportation and storage of lithium-ion batteries.

As a result of their collaboration within LIBRIS and partnership with UK BIC (UK Battery Industrialisation Centre), Tri-Wall’s team have advanced knowledge of processing lithium-ion batteries from start to finish and are able to help integrate the right packing processes and solutions within organisations


1All male crew 1st place    Award sponsored by  SILTBUSTER, MONMOUTH
2All male crew  2nd place  Award sponsored by  SILTBUSTER, MONMOUTH  
3All female crew 1st place   Award sponsored by HARRISON CLARK RICKERBYS SOLICITORS,  ROSS ON WYE
4All female crew 2nd place  Award sponsored by HARRISON CLARK RICKERBYS SOLICITORS,  ROSS ON WYE
5Mixed Crew 1st place   Award sponsored by TRI – WALL MONMOUTH
6Mixed Crew 2nd place   Award sponsored by TRI – WALL MONMOUTH
7Best placed club / pub entry   Award sponsored by PAUL JARROLD TYRES
8Best placed business entry   Award sponsored by HARRISON CLARK RICKERBYS SOLICITORS,  ROSS ON WYE
9Best Placed Rotary Club Team   
10Best placed private entry   
11The entry handing in most sponsorship on the day   Award sponsored by ROBERT PRICE, MONMOUTH
12Most creatively themed raft   


There are two official car parks: One at the START at Monmouth (NP25 3DP) and one at the FINISH (NP25 4TT) at Whitebrook.

The car park fee of £5 gives entry to both car parks.

For the START Car Park, follow the signs off the Dixton Road roundabout on the A40 trunk road at Monmouth, towards the River Wye.

To get to the FINISH Car Park, take the A466 valley road from Monmouth towards Chepstow. Cross the River Wye at Bigsweir Bridge, 7 miles south of Monmouth, and turn immediately right. Follow the lane for 1.5 miles. The Car Park is then on the right.

Every paid raft race entry attracts three free vehicle parking passes. These are for your raft delivery vehicle and cars bringing your raft crew.
Additional vehicles cost £5 each.

All passes allow for parking in both Start and Finish car parks.

Please note that neither the Start or Finish car parks are accessible by articulated vehicles.

Coaches can be accommodated in a remote car park, but need to be pre-booked. Please contact Norman Williams on 01600 713766 or by e mail at


Hospitality pitches are available at the raft race finish. The cost is £100 for a 20 x 20 metre pitch upon which you can erect your own Tent/Gazebo, Marquee or BBQ. You are able to serve drinks and food to your friends and supporters, provided no money changes hands.

Hospitality pitches can be booked when you complete the raft entry form. Otherwise, please contact Raft Race Secretary, David Forbes. Telephone 01600 712665


In 1965 Abergavenny Young Conservatives challenged Abergavenny Young
Farmers to a Raft Race. Originally it was intended to hold it on the river Usk.
However they were advised by Bill Keen of the ICI Canoe Club that the river Usk
was too dangerous for this type of event. The venue was altered to the
river Monnow, with the start being at the Bell at Skenfrith and the finish at
Monmouth. The Abergavenny Round Table decided to enter a raft. As a result
of ‘certain’ publicity, in the end there were 23 rafts. The river Monnow was not the most suitable venue and there are no records of the winners and where or if
they finished. However about £35 was raised and donated to the Freedom
from Hunger Campaign.
The 1966 race was moved to the river Wye with the start near Symonds Yat and
finish at Monmouth Boathouse
Due to lack of start facilities and viewing points it was decided to look for a
different course for 1967. The Whitebrook area was investigated for the finish.

The late Vic Cullimore offered the use of his fields. His great enthusiasm, and the ongoing support of his family over the years has enabled the event to grow into a significant fundraising event. In 1968 over £400 was raised for Tenovus and sponsorship of the rafts started, the first being Whiteheads Iron and Steel of Newport with catering by the local pub, The Crown.
The Raft Race became an annual event, being organised by Abergavenny Young Conservatives for a number of years. It was policy to select a different charity each year. These included Multiple Sclerosis Society, RNLI, Guide Dogs forthe Blind.
After the Abergavenny Young  Conservatives disbanded, the running of the event was taken over by the Monmouth Conservative Association and the money raised was for various different charities.

In 2004 the organisation of the event was taken over by the Monmouth Rotary Club, who continue to run it. The event has grown to an average of 75 rafts per year, and a total of £341,898 has been raised for charity since 2004. St David’s Hospice Care are the principal beneficiaries of the 2022 raft race.

A total of 75% of total raised will go to St David’s, and 25% will be retained by Monmouth Rotary Club and distributed to other charitable causes supported by the Club.

The annual raft race has only been cancelled twice since 1965. Once in 2001 because of the Foot and Mouth outbreak, and again in 2008 as the river was in flood.



There are a number of hotels and B&B’s in the Monmouth area.

Search for “Monmouth Hotels” in your internet browser


If you prefer to camp, then we recommend The Bracelands camp site, near Coleford

The post code is GL16 7NP.

This site is 8 miles from the raft race start site in Monmouth.

Telephone number is 01594 837258.

Camping is NOT allowed at the raft race start or finish sites.


The following is a suggestion about how to build a raft. It is not mandatory that you follow this suggestion. There are many ways to build a raft, but please ensure that your raft conforms to the parameters listed in the regulations. Please read the Regulations page thoroughly.

Regulations can be found in “ENTRY CONDITIONS” in the Web Page Menu.

RAFT BUILDING SUGGESTION (From ideas kindly provided by Hampshire Rafter Bruce Fraser)
Basic Construction:
If one uses 6 x 200 litre barrels to provide the buoyancy, an oblong wooden cradle or grid with 9 slots the size of a half-barrel, the three on each side designed to sit astride the barrels, leaving the middle three empty for the hull spacing forms the basic structure. Whilst virtually any materials can be used, remember to clean away anything that may be an irritant, cause pollution or damage the river environment.
Fixing can be by bolting or bonding or screwing or tying together, but if the barrels are cut open for easier fixing remember they will sink unless they have some additional flotation built or inserted into them.
A rudder or tiller can be attached to the back timber to steer the raft but there is a disadvantage in that someone will be needed to steer and it can also break.
Alternatively, the back two paddlers can use their paddles to steer – a far simpler method but something that needs some practice.
Nose Cones:
Anything to soften the passage through the water will help the raft go faster.
The following principles can be adopted in whole or in part to obtain improvements over the basics above:-
SizeLonger rafts go faster but are harder to steer and transport. Wider hull spacing makes for greater speed and stability but makes
for more difficult steering and transportation.
WeightLighter rafts go faster but become more unstable, and especially if the
crew outweigh the craft.
The lower the centre of gravity, the more stable the raft, but the less amount of barrel in the water, the faster it will go due to less drag.

The raft race course has a couple of shallow stretches, so lighter is better than heavier.
a) Rowlocks are not permitted, so paddles if used, need to be manageable. Propulsion can usually be by any means other than a motor. So pedals, pushing, carrying, etc. may well be necessary especially when grounded or if your design fails
b) Seating of some sort will provide comfort but does add weight and will need to be fixed firmly.
c) A surface for a painted number on both sides is required.
d) Using Water cannon at Monmouth will bring exclusion from the race on hygiene and safety grounds.
e) Wearing a lifejacket throughout your time on the river is compulsory, in your own interests!



Can be purchased from Smiths at Coleford on 01594 833308

Buoyancy aids……..

Can be purchased 2nd hand, from Monmouth Canoe and Activity Centre……Telephone 01600 716083

Or visit    or

Hard Hats…….Advisable. Please read River Safety paragraph in the event regulations. Regulations can be found in “ENTRY CONDITIONS” in the Web Page Menu.

Hard hats are available from Screwfix and other building supply companies

………It is also worth trying E Bay
Happy Rafting


Monmouth Rotary is affiliated to the “Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland” organisation. This consists of more than 55,000 men and women who, as members of over 1,850 Rotary clubs, volunteer their time, talents, professional skills and energy to improving the lives of people in their local communities and others around the world.

Worldwide there are 1.2 million Rotarians and 33,000 clubs.

Rotarians enjoy the opportunity to give something back, to give hope to those less fortunate and to make lives worthwhile and fulfilled.

For details about how to join Monmouth Rotary Club, please contact Rotarian Paul Sherrington on 01989 770911

 Monmouth Rotary Club registered charity number 515576

Click here to visit Monmouth Rotary web page

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